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At Chopping Board Services we encourage good practices in the use and storage of your chopping boards, increasing life and making them more suitable for resurfacing which also reduces your costs!


Do store your boards vertically, in a frame with rounded bars. Some frames are made of flat sheet steel, this acts as a knife each time you pull a board out, destroying the edges.

Do clean the board after every use, ensuring all bacteria is eliminated.

Do resurface your board when it becomes overly scored, harbouring bacteria.


Don't put plastic boards under heat lamps or on hot surfaces, over 60oC they can become plyable, and will warp!

Don't stab knives into your boards, this creates deep bacteria harbouring recesses which mean we have to remove more of the board surface when resurfacing.

Don't replace. Resurface.

Don't replace. Resurface.™