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Cost Reduction:  Up to 66%BeforeAfter

Chopping boards are an essential part of any food preparation area, and an unavoidable operating cost. If this cost can be reduced, even by a small amount, it is an immediate contribution to the overall profitability of the unit. Implementing our Chopping Board Resurfacing service would reduce the associated costs by up to 66%.

Waste Reduction: Up to 88%

Chopping boards are made of a solid block of High or Low Density Polyethylene, through use the outer surface becomes damaged and leads in current practices to disposal, but 90%+ of what is disposed of is undamaged virgin plastic. CBSs process  leaves a perfectly smooth and hygienic cutting surface. Implementation of this service would lead to up to an overall 88% reduction in associated waste output.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: 70% minimum

Environmental issues are becoming more and more part of the management and operation of acatering establishment, with increased pressure through legislation and public expectations. A study undertaken by The Centre For Remanufacturing And Reuse on our behalf has shown that resurfacing 5 chopping boards once will reduce the related carbon output by 70%, which could be used in company PR to demonstrate  commitment to Environmental Issues and responsible business practices.

Improvements in Hygiene:

As a chopping board is used the surface becomes damaged with cuts and scores, making effective cleaning difficult and leaving bacterial deposits in the recesses which then multiply and contaminate the previously sanitised surface. Environmental Health requirements insist that plastic boards are replaced when they can no longer be easily cleaned. CBS offers an alternative to replacement, meeting all EHO guidelines.

Elimination of Smells:

Chopping boards that are used for salads or meats can retain associated pungent odours, such as onions.Resurfacing of boards eliminates any associated, impregnated smells caused by embedded bacteria.

Improvements in Presentation:

As a chopping board is used the exposed surface becomes damaged and stained, in a situation such as sandwich preparation where the customer can view the full process presentation is paramount. A board that has grubby edges or surface does not present the high standards that would be expected of a high quality catering facility. The CBs process leaves the board as new, removing surface stains and damage and improving presentation to the customer.

Brand Protection:

A Brand is a valuable commodity, ensuring that quality is maintained and the expected high operating standards through beneficial services helps to protect both the Brand and customer base.


Don't Replace. Resurface.™